Problem: The guide isn’t stable.

Solution: Make sure you slide the HairFin grip all the way back to the base of your fingers, and that the front of the fin shape is facing the tips of your fingers. The grip on the HairFin guides is carefully designed so that the bottom platform slides under the palm of your hand.

Picture showing the correct way to mount a HairFin on the hand

Problem: The hair doesn’t stay between my fingers while holding the HairFin.

Solution: Don’t hold the HairFin guides between your finger joints. Make sure to slide the HairFin all the way back to the base of your fingers. The HairFin is less than 4mm thick, so that it fits between the fingers while still being sturdy.

Problem: I’m getting hair between all of my fingers.

Solution: This isn’t a problem at all, you can use all of your fingers to grasp and hold hair. So long as you hold your hand so that it is flat and parallel to the head, you can cut any hair coming up above your hand.

Problem: I’m having trouble holding the guide while using my fingers to grasp hair.

Solution: Make sure you slide the HairFin all the way back to the base of your fingers. Wedged in between the base of your fingers you should be able to open and close your fingers to grasp hair without the guide coming out.

Problem: The guide keeps slipping.

Solution: Make sure you are holding your hand with the guide parallel to the part of the head that you are cutting. In that position, the guide should be perpendicular to the head – not at an angle. While it’s ok to slightly rest your hand on the guide, you don’t want to push the guide against the head. It’s just there to show you how far out to pull your hand from the head.

Problem: I’m having trouble cutting my own hair.

Solution: While it is possible to do a self haircut with the HairFin, coordinating in a mirror adds its own challenges. If you’ve never cut your own hair in a mirror before, or used a HairFin guide, we recommend getting some help from a friend for your first cut.

Problem: I want to do an in-between size.

Solution: The guides help stop you from cutting hair too short, but you can always cut slightly longer. To do a half size, once you have the guide in place simply slide your hand up another ½ inch before you cut. We do also have plans to introduce more HairFin sizes in the future.

Problem: The guide feels awkward to use.

Solution: If you are certain you have the HairFin mounted correctly, you might just need some practice. This is an all new invention, and like learning to tie a shoe, it is going to take some practice to get used to. Take some time to review the instructional videos on the HairFin website, and practice getting the guide into place before you start cutting. We promise it’s worth learning to use.

Problem: I have a problem that’s not listed, or am still having trouble.

Solution: Contact us, we’re here to help!